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The interactions on the webinars were my favourite part and being able to connect with other blokes going through a similar thing. The biggest result for me was hearing my ex tell me she still loves me, which tells me that there is still something there and she’s seen the changes I’ve made. I’ve shown myself that if I apply myself and not listen to the negative voices I can do anything. Everyone around me has more respect for me. I have lost 40+ kgs!

Clinton, 31

When I first started I felt overwhelmed and broken and the support from the other guys in a similar situation definitely helped. I loved the step by step process and I also felt Millar gave me a lot of personal support at the start, listening to my situation. The biggest change for me was being aware that I can be happy by myself and that there are thousands of women out there who I could be with. I am alive again and I have stopped telling myself BS stories that have held me back.

Kirston, 35

I liked the accountability of Millar following up with me and helping me through it and also the support of the other kings. The biggest change in me was my self-confidence and the understanding and admitting that I had problems as well. I am now able to control my emotions much better and even stood up to my boss at work. My new relationship is thriving! Being able to put into practice the communicating skills has been invaluable. Things are now looking better with my ex.

Sean, 40

The biggest changes I have noticed in myself is how easy the tough days have been to get through with a smile on my face. My overall happiness and energy levels for life are off the charts. I have regained confidence in my thoughts which has allowed my to put my thoughts into actions. People seem like they WANT to talk to me instead of needing to talk to me. People close to me seem so genuinely happy for me with the peace I have found as well. 

Pedro, 45

I liked the interaction between the Facebook group and the Monday night webinars. The best result for me was the positive changes I’ve seen in the relationship between me and my son, he’s become more affectionate towards me, always getting really excited when he see’s me come to pick him up, he’ll run up n give me hugs at random. I feel like me and my son have a lot closer connection now. I can also see the difference in my communication with my ex, we still disagree on a lot of things, but I’ve been able to remain calm, not get angry at her or let it get the better of me, in other words I’ve been able to just let things go, and because of this we have not had a single argument since I started this course.

Douglas, 32

I loved the course content, webinars, and definitely the personal conversations on the phone with Millar, being able to answer questions. For me, making the move from Perth to Whyalla to be closer to my daughter was so scary but building the courage through doing this course removed 99% of the anxiety I had. I had a massive drop of ego and a lot more self awareness in situations. I am now in a routine which I have never done before and feeling a lot more grounded. I have a better relationship between my ex and I. Things are more amicable and I am able to put my emotions aside whilst in person with her having a discussion.

Steve, 31

Best thing I liked about the course is the sense of utter hopelessness replaced with full throttle empowerment, it’s actually something to behold.Best result was when my 10 year old says that I actually look strong, first thing she says to me when I pick her up for the weekend. Changes in myself include confidence, and the pathway back to my true value, something I lost in my 21-year relationship. My kids and friends noticed the difference over the period of the course went from an absolute mess for a bit to a weapon in the making, even Millar noticed our phone conversations changed as well everyone commented on the difference, even my bosses noticed.

Michael, 41

What I liked the most about the program was that it taught me to look at things from both sides and to transform the negative things my ex was saying into lessons about where I let myself down in my previous relationship and what I really needed to work on as a man to rise up and become a much better person for me my kids and my future partner. The best result for me would be seeing my children as often as I like and co parenting as I could only have dreamed I could prior to taking on the course. I’ve noticed I’m much calmer and a much more confident person. I’ve also stoped drinking and smoking and face my problems head on. I’ve noticed my X has started to trust me and talk about the things we need to in regards to co-parenting. 

Aaron, 39

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